It all started in the street

Julien Brouand, aka Abys, is a young self-taught artist from Nancy, member of the Osmoz-Colors and Nid d’Guêpes Posse crews. Passionate about cartoons and wacky characters, Abys is full of imagination and likes to try different styles and techniques.

Abys | 2019 | Street Art Addict
Abys | 2019

An inalienable passion for drawing. With his head in the clouds, Abys has been experimenting with different techniques: illustration, painting, sculpture, stencil, posters and many others. Abys is a freelance graphic designer who nevertheless continues to produce personal works in the street and to participate in exhibitions and events.

Play together

He is part of the new generation of urban painters in Nancy. Bombs in bag, he travels festivals, such as the Urban Graff X in 2011, the Chill Up in 2012 or the Underground Effect at the Urban Week of Paris – La Defense in 2020.

Abys | Underground Effect | Urban Week | Paris - La Defense | 2020 | Street Art Addict
Abys | Underground Effect | Paris | 2020

His paintings are not punches thrown at the face of those who look at them. They invite them to travel, to embark on a journey into worlds teeming with strange but colorful, disturbing or touching characters.  He has developed a fantastic bestiary with his pencil, from the jazzman rat to the thieving raccoon, which he recomposes on certain murals.

Fragmented poetry

Julien Brouand has more than one string to his bow. He navigates as well between the styles, figurative or realistic, as between the supports. Drawing, painting, graffiti, soon silk-screening and tattoos, he wants to explore all possible artistic paths. With the Nid d’Guêpes crew, he is committed to the creation of hip hop events mixing pictorial and musical performances. He also wants to keep his freedom of movement by moving from group art to solo experience: “I like to change techniques otherwise I get bored. But on canvas, I let myself go more.

Whether he paints delicate female bodies, scary puppeteers or fairy animals, he always brings a touch of poetry. His characters are complex and his paintings take us into teeming worlds. We discover strange characters but always very colorful. His paintings are like fragmented surfaces; each facet reveals a little of its author. But with his chameleon-like universe, changing according to his collaborations and desires, Abys remains elusive.

Dive into his works to find him, he may be there… or he may not.

Abys online : www.osmoz-colors.fr
Abys on Insta : @abys_osmoz

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