It all started in the street

Abys is from Avignon, he has always drawn. He started to express himself in the street through graffiti and tagging under the name Abys. In the 2000s, after a scientific baccalaureate, he began training as a technician of applied arts to mix passion and profession.

Abys | 2019 | Street Art Addict
Abys | 2019

An inalienable passion for drawing. With his head in the clouds, Abys has been experimenting with different techniques: illustration, painting, sculpture, stencil, posters and many others. Abys is a freelance graphic designer who nevertheless continues to produce personal works in the street and to participate in exhibitions and events.

Abys’ influences and work

For him, the street means being visible. Unlike galleries, the street is accessible to all and to all ages, at the bend of a sidewalk, at random along a path. « It’s a very good way to spread the word and make yourself known. Even more, if you find a remarkable place to put what you don’t expect, to divert the banal, to surprise ».

Abys | Underground Effect | Urban Week | Paris - La Defense | 2020 | Street Art Addict
Abys | Underground Effect | Paris | 2020

Abys is very much inspired by the duo Etam Cru, Banksy, Julian Ardila, Ernest Pignon Ernest or Rebbecca Dautremer. His monitoring on the web and his collection of images gives him a good source of inspiration. His favorite artist however remains Picasso. He liked his Baboon and Young a lot and he adds: “He is the one who opened my mind and taught me that everything is possible, the rest is a trend story”.

Abys has a vivid imagination and manipulates style and technique to such an extent that he can barely make series of 2 or 3 pieces. “I feel like I have ten thousand styles and I only do different things”. His recognizable line brings coherence to his work. The subject of crossbreeding is also at the base of his work. At the same time dreamlike and figurative, colorful and multiple. He works on instinct in a search for movement with fluid compositions. He seeks to create harmony between contradictions, whether technical (academic or digital), concepts or cultures.

Abys dreams of large format paintings, in the street, “with lots of colors to give hope”. But he admits that it takes practice and work. For the moment, the integration of a collective at the Sunset Résidence, rue des Tables Claudienne in Lyon, allows him to benefit from a group emulsion and the creative energy of the slopes of the Croix-Rousse.

Humor and color

His greatest achievement is being able to reconcile his life as an artist, professional and family. “I’m still looking for my style, it’s starting to come since I discovered … color is a magical and extraordinary thing that gives relief and light” and adds ” … and yes I just became a father, a little girl”. His goal in the short or medium term is to meet other artists, to set up a collective and to paint large formats.

Abys makes “Native American type” characters, he has a lot of influence from South America. In his work, Abys likes to divert, make people laugh or shock them sometimes. He likes to make the imagination work, to bring a reflection. “I often work around the sacred” is so much so that some parts of his work are described as heretical. However, diverting a classical work to make it contemporary allows him to upset a known cultural context and make an echo.

Abys on the web : www.abys.info
Abys on Insta : @abys_osmoz

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