Liliwenn is an artist from Brest (at the “end of the world”) born in 1976. To define her, only one word: Paradox.
“Paradox, because everything is only contrasts and opposites. Paradoxes and contrasts that we find in (my) art, at the same time tortured and utopian, turbulent and serene, certainly resilient” (extract from her official biography).

Liliwenn is certainly a full-fledged artist, completely committed to her art, the one of the street, of sharing, exchange, encounters and freedom of expression. “In my opinion (…), street art is about decorating the urban landscape with no other idea than to share an emotion” she told Silliage Magazine in February 2010.

In an interview with Fatcap, Liliwenn declared “Street art can be a cry, an expression, a commitment, but it is first and foremost something that is offered to everyone without distinction”.

This strong sense of sharing and exchange is translated into reality through projects initiated by her. In particular, the “Crimes of Minds” project that she launched in her home town of Brest. At her initiative, a team (“Sugar Rush”: an association she created for the occasion) was brought together in December 2010 in order to “embellish” the city of Brest, to create an “open gallery, like an urban museum”. The outcome of this project, which will have lasted almost 2 years, is a book. More than twenty murals have been created by numerous street artists, including C215, JEF Aerosol, Alice Pasquini, Finbarr DAC, etc…

As for her art, her works, Liliwenn creates them all over the world. Her style, often figurative, is poetic, even dreamlike. The silhouettes painted by Liliwenn are at the same time melancholic, imbued with a feeling of loneliness, but also full of hope. Her precise “line” gives rise to very aesthetic works, both in the murals she spray-paints and in her paintings and drawings that she exhibits in galleries. We are fans! A real ” crush ” for this Breton artist (like us) that we are not the only ones to appreciate.

Liliwenn on the web :

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