NEAN is a Belgian artist who grew up in Brussels. Self-taught, he made his debut on paper before turning to spray paint. In 2014, he joins the Propaganza collective, bringing together about twenty artists from Belgium, France, Spain and England. Influenced by traditional painting and digital art, his work gravitates between an experimental style and photorealism. Curious about everything, he multiplies the tests on large supports, alternating digital painting, painting on walls and painting on canvas.

NEAN’s most personal works focus on this problem of time, these small arrangements with the novel of our lives, for a little more of the best or a little less of the worst. The artifices of memory, NEAN also expresses them through chromatic aberrations and double exposures. Virtual touches that are like the expression of unmasked scars, the confession of what resists erasure, of the irreducible of our lives. The wall as a support fits perfectly with this relationship to time, with its ageing and decrepitude, which are never forgotten; or with the amalgamation of interventions which, even under the layers, keep the trace of their presence.

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  • Nean | This bitter Earth / On the nature of daylight

    This bitter Earth / On the nature of daylight

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