Stencil and hope

A self-taught artist, born in 1971, he grew up in the southern suburbs of Paris. In the 80’s, it is under the influence of urban culture that he evolves in contact with the atmosphere of the street, discovering the graffiti and hip hop movement that develops in the Halles district of Paris (France), the palisades of the Louvres, Stalingrad, where he spends a lot of time discovering and being inspired.

Diversity is Hope

Instigator and defender of the Diversity Is Hope movement, he uses his stencils, from which colourful faces are born, to spread a message of diversity, hope and tolerance to as many people as possible, but also to question our ability to turn towards others and live in harmony.

Raf Urban | Exposition | Au tableau | Joinville-le-Pont | 2019
Raf Urban | Expo | Au tableau | 2019
It is the stencil technique that attracts him, for its efficiency, its multiple possibilities, its militant and poetic side. This tool became his favourite mode of expression, which he has since put on the walls of many cities, Paris, Turin, Rome, BCN, London, New York, Toronto, Montreal, as well as a few pieces in galleries.

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