Raptuz | King Who? |  Looperfest 2017 | Milano
Raptuz | King Who? | Looperfest 2017 | Milano

Raptuz is an artist and graphic designer who has been active for more than 30 years.

A pioneer in Italy in his graffiti art since the 80s, he has always developed his style and technique, which he calls “Futurism through the broken window”, a mode of representation that multiplies focal lengths, strong contrasts and defragmentation.

Raptuz | Willy L'Orbo Studios | Milano 2018
Raptuz | Willy L’Orbo Studios | Milano 2018

Raptuz is co-founder of the mythical Milanese crew the TDK Crew (1990) and has been a member of the legendary CBS Crew (L.A 1984) and LORDS Crew (San Francisco 1986) for more than 10 years.

Raptuz sur le web: www.raptuz.com
Raptuz sur Instagram: www.instagram.com/kingraptuz
Raptuz on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kingraptuz

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