Oscar Maslard alias Sckaro

Oscar Maslard was born in Le Havre in 1985.

Sckaro - Read me when I’m gone - North West Walls festival
Sckaro | North West Walls festival | Belgium | 2019

Eyes and minds open since childhood, general culture and curiosity are essential values ​​for him.
At 20, he choses painting, after a musical education and practicing the violin for 10 years.
From a few walls covered with graffiti, to contemporary abstract paintings, passing by an intermediate facture: dreamlike hyperrealism, influenced by the great old masters, it is the story of a vocation, of the desire not to do something else with its life.
For his oil paintings, he adopted and became interested in the techniques of classical painting: work on canvas, grisaille, glaze, varnish, as well as its codes such as drapery and flesh, to adapt them to the modern world. The staging is sometimes improbable, sometimes realistic, but the relationship with people is often a central point in his work.
His murals, carried out solo or with his brother Ratur (Arthur Maslard), his alter ego since childhood and the discovery of this common passion, are large-scale achievements acclaimed by French cities which are showing more and more interest in their creations, and by foreign territories which open the doors to them wide.
An emotion on edge, a great intellectual and artistic curiosity, multiple influences in phase with his mind and his hypersensitive eye. He cannot conceive his pictorial art without omnipresent musical accompaniment.
Self-taught, he never stops trying, discovering, innovating, always in a constant process of love for color, both in figuration and in abstraction, which takes an increasingly important part in his work

A rising value of current art, a language to follow.

Sckaro on the web : sckaro.maslard.fr
Sckaro on Insta : @sckaro

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