<A muralist artist with a tender heart.

Sema Lao | Mural | Acton, London | 2017
Sema Lao | Acton, London | 2017

Sêma Lao is a self-taught painter born in 1987 of Sino-German origin. She lives in Corrèze (France), after having lived and painted for a long time in Limoges (France). Sêma Lao started painting at a very young age. Over the years her path has been punctuated by beautiful discoveries and encounters above all which have allowed her to express herself fully and develop her style.

She experimented with various techniques (oil, acrylic, dry and oily pastels) before switching to spray paint in 2011 with her encounter with the graffiti artist DershOne (aka Goals). Since then, walls have become a privileged playground and she multiplies projects and encounters, in France and abroad, between canvases and walls.
In 2012, a famous urban artist C215 (Christian Guémy), proposes her to come and paint on the walls of Vitry-sur-Seine, it is the real kick-off of her career as a street artist muralist.

<An explosion of colours

Her style remains recognizable to all, for her portraits of children and for her always very lively and colourful treatment. Sêma Lao likes to work in a spontaneous and free way, so when she starts a work she prefers to skip the sketching stage to directly work on her colours, which are really the heart of her creation.

<Putting light into beings

Her works generally represent portraits, faces (especially children’s faces) with sincere and spontaneous expressions that the artist tries to convey through a saturated colour palette and controlled colour flows.
With her spray can, Sêma Lao tries to establish real links between her audience and her works. To do so, she uses a dripping effect on her works, which forces the spectator to adopt several points of view.

Sêma Lao on Insta: @sema.lao

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