Vesod | Mural | Moscow | 2019
Vesod | Moscow | 2019

The Italian artist Vesod Brero was trained at the right school. First by his father, Dovilio Brero, a surrealist painter whose influence he claims, then from the 90’s by the street as he was introduced to graffiti and handles the spray with as much rigour and precision as mathematics at the university. The sum of all his influences, the artist seeks the right equation and defines over the years his own visual language mixing figuration and geometry.
Inspired by Italian Futurism and Renaissance Art, Vesod’s style is somewhere between abstract and figurative. Time is frozen in Vesod’s broken and crystallized figures. He first deconstructs them and then superimposes the different visual layers through brilliant geometric abstractions. His compositions suggest a strong sense of movement, a dynamism that is created with precision through the harmonization of proportions. Although he started painting in the streets with graffiti (in the late 1990s), he uses only brushes and rollers for his walls.

For ten years, Vesod has been looking for personal inspiration in which graffiti plays a central role, while devoting himself to his university studies in mathematics. They will have an important impact on his works with the art of renaissance and futurism. They can be recognised in Vesod’s attempt to harmonise anatomical proportion and futuristic dynamics.
Vesod creates a personal language in which time is considered as a concept, which enclosed in immaterial solid forms, is crystallised in geometric form to revisit the idea of the eternal present.

Vesod | Remeber | London | 2018
Vesod | Remeber | London | 2018

This representation of the three dimensions of space and time can lead to a loss of importance of the flow of time. Therefore you can detach yourself from a world view or from a single person as entangled in the thread of time while being connected with the present.

Italian artist Vesod recently painted a massive mural fresco for the festival Urban Morphogenesis (Moscow region).

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