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XKUZ | Mural | Morlaix, France | 2019
XKUZ | Morlaix, France | 2019

<Fabien Mazé, better known under the pseudonym XKUZ is an artist born in 1985 in the Hauts-de-France region. Having always liked to draw since his childhood, it is by taking an interest in hip-hop culture that graffiti became an obvious choice for him. Attracted by the illegal side, he wrote his first tags on walls in 1998, the beginning of a decade of activism, mainly on the walls bordering the roads and railways of his region.

<He took a turn in 2008, during his training in graphic arts. Aesthetic research then takes precedence over visibility. The abandoned buildings become his main playground, he feels free there and above all he finds the optimal conditions to create successful frescoes. Urban exploration becomes a passion, he spends a lot of time in disused industrial areas which he particularly appreciates for their architecture.

XKUZ, lover of letters, shapes and colours

Seeking to free himself from the codes of classic New York style graffiti, the will to stand out pushes him to build his own graphic language that mixes various inspirations coming from graffiti, cubism and constructivism. The alphabet remaining his main subject, XKUZ cuts and recomposes his letters with the aim of making neat and colourful graphic compositions sometimes on the verge of abstraction.
For a few years, XKUZ has varied his activities, he develops his studio work by producing silkscreen prints, canvases, engravings that he regularly exhibits solo or with his collective “Dislexik”. The main one being mural painting, he participates in major graffiti / street art festivals, as recently at the Meeting of styles in Pristina, Kosovo, at the Shake Well in Bordeaux, Colorama in Biarritz, XU in Roubaix or Graphic Art in Puteaux. v=bFiYUyNsMEk

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XKUZ on Insta: @xkuz_toi

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